Home for Hope


Broke ground on construction in 2010 and opened in 2012, the Hope for Hope has been a refuge for orphans and vulnerable children in Asebu, Ghana.  Today we are converting the home to a boarding facility for Pathfinder.  

Sew for Sisterhood


Sew for Sisterhood teaches women the vocational skills of sewing and batik.  These technical skills enable women to earn a stable income to support themselves and their children.

Gift a Goat


Women in this program are trained and gifted a goat to reproduce, since owning and raising livestock is a powerful way to change their circumstance.  After 10 years, we are proud that some original beneficiaries are still raising goats.  One family has 16 goats as of 2018.

Pathfinder Academy


Opened in 2013, Pathfinder is now serving over 350 students through grade 9.  The school is free to children living in poverty and is sustained in part by fees from families that can afford and from donor contributions.

HIV/AIDS Child Support


The GO Fund has supported six families who are caring for a child living with HIV to obtain medications and special food.  These children are thriving with our support.  One such child, who has been supported for eight years is now at a Poly-Technic University.

Loans for a Better Life


A pilot program which began in 2013, provides small loans to women living with (some groups are living with HIV).  The loans enable them to look past their health challenges and make steps towards the future.  In Uganda our program started with 4 village savings groups (144 women) and now has expanded to over 50 groups.